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Ryan Kneeds Gets A Special Brother-In-Law Job Interview On Family Creep


These Family Run Businesses Get More And More Informal!

Job interviews are always stressful. While there can be a little less pressure if you’re seeking employment from a relative, there’s still plenty of performance anxiety. Lucky for Ryan Kneeds, once he discovers that his brother-in-law is also the hung guy on his dating app, all he has to do is bottom. Of the many hot and taboo scenes I’ve watched from Family Creep, this is one of the less taboo but it definitely maintains its hot. “My Brother-in-Law is Well Hung” is so much fun that I barely realized 25 minutes had passed by the time the final cumshot had landed.

In a nutshell: Ryan Kneeds is a college student who looks like he’s majoring in slacking off and hanging out. He’s been encouraged by family to ask brother-in-law Jake Lawrence for a job during his summer away from school, so here he is. Browsing through online sex profiles while discussing employment possibilities with said brother-in-law, who conveniently owns a sex toy company. All-in-all, it’s a pretty standard conversation between relatives until Ryan flips his phone around and asks, “Is this you?”

It’s come to Jesus time for Jake. Not only is the profile and its accompanying big dick photos his, he confesses, but both he and his wife are bisexual. By “his wife,” I mean Ryan’s sister. The rampant non-heterosexuality of his family somehow shocks the otherwise mellow and decidedly gay lad. The surprise doesn’t become more manageable for him when Jake lets him know that any attraction is mutual, could increase his employment odds, and is authorized by the wife.

How are you going to argue with logic like that? You can’t, that’s how! And for all of Ryan’s spacy stoner looks, he’s not a fool. He knows a good deal when it waves its dick in his face or, as the case is here, when it slips a cock ring on his dick and then starts sucking it. A bit overwhelmed by the unique combination of the cock ring and his brother-in-law’s mouth, Ryan admits that the sensation is “definitely different,” which Jake takes as a sign that their work relationship is going to be smooth sailing.

After demonstrating whether or not he sucks cock better than his sister, Ryan crawls onto Jake’s office desk and assumes the position. Given that Ryan can, indeed, say, “My Brother-in-Law is Well Hung,” the smooth sailing takes a little longer once Jake’s dick meets Ryan’s asshole. It’s my experience that when a Top says, “You’re so tight,” what they really mean is, “I can’t get my dick in, so loosen the hell up, whydoncha?” Given all the ass-eating Jake did up to this point, you’d think Ryan would be open like a flesh cave for exploring, but no.

Ryan claims to suck a lot of cock in college, but perhaps he doesn’t go all the way with a guy unless he really likes him, or they can give him a job. However his past behavior influences his current ability to take Jake’s patient man-meat deep between his sphincters, the joy never seems to fully return to Mudville for Ryan while he’s focused on relaxing his hairy asshole and feeling the rhythm. He was never a Rhodes Scholar, but once he gets 8.5” of Jake next to his prostate all he can say is “fuck” on repeat.

Every view of these two in flagrante is a thrill. I don’t know why I like this pairing so much, but their good humor, ability to act, physical differences, chemistry, and capacity to get the sucking and fucking job done are not only hot but fun! And, like porn ideally does, it has two happy endings, which means even more fun. One is when Ryan covers his belly and chest in his own spunk while Jake’s deep in his butt. The other arrives shortly after, when Jake pulls out long enough to drop curds of cum on Ryan’s balls and base.

And like that, Ryan’s a fully employed member of the working class. Huzzah!

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