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Dalton Riley Breaks In The New Guy In Hot House’s Area Of Operation


All Day In The Hot Desert Sun Makes For Horny American Heroes

They’re in the Army now. They’re not behind a plow. But they sure do know how to plow one another in America’s all-volunteer military if this scene from Sgt. Dick is to be taken seriously. Hot House is known for its masculine men and there are no more masculine men than those who fight and sometimes die for their country.

Private Dalton Riley will do just about anything to get out of running and into his fellow private’s privates. Today he’s offered to help new recruit Eric Rey unpack and move supplies in the remote desert. It’s hot work in spite of the camouflage netting, but that’s not why the two young men ultimately get naked. In a language old as time, Dalton subtly signals his deep appreciation for Eric’s humanity and autonomy by grabbing his ass when he bends over. Because Eric is clearly a New Age sensitive kinda guy, he responds to this obvious violation of his physical boundaries by kissing him with increasing passion.

The kissing and Eric’s subsequent cock sucking are nice, don’t get me wrong, but the close-ups of the asshole fingering, licking, and greedy eating? That’s worth signing up for a tour of duty! Dalton feeds on Eric’s smooth hole like a man long denied, lubricating the recruit with his spit until slobber drips off the boy’s taint and balls.

Camera angles can make a difference in a scene, and this episode of Sgt. Dick features a lot of full-body, distance shots. This certainly helps place the fornication within its military context, which comes complete with jets flying overhead and an American flag hung in a position of distress. Incorrect flag etiquette aside, this works fairly well except when it comes to Eric’s cumshot, which is almost impossible to see due to glare. The eagle-eyed will be able to identify the tell-tale DNA spots by their reflection of the sunlight off his skin.

Before it’s time for Dalton to spill his hot seed, he needs to further prepare Eric’s hole. It is, after all, where that hot seed ultimately takes root. Standing, kneeling, missionary; Dalton puts his new friend through his paces, sometimes while holding onto his tank top like a harness. Since not all the shots are full-body, there are some great closer views of Dalton’s pole seeking and finding Eric’s eager southern hole.

Inspired by the nearly invisible ejaculation of his bottom, the very Toppish Dalton pulls out long enough to administer a spattering of baby butter to Eric’s groin before diving back into his ass to pump out a touch more cum, this time deep inside of Eric’s rectum. Not one to miss a chance to indulge in a tasty snack, Dalton briefly licks his cum up from his buddy’s behind, the two soldiers tongue wrangle, Dalton spits in Eric’s mouth to show his continued goodwill and then returns to eating ass.

But all fun and no labor makes for poorly relocated supplies, so Dalton takes command again, ordering Eric to get dressed and back to work.

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