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Jesse Zeppelin And Joel Someone Are Dapper Dudes In Their Foot Fetish Scene For Gentlemen’s Closet


It's A Stockinged Foot Delight!

In their foot fetish scene for Gentlemen's Closet, Jesse Zeppelin and Joel Someone are dapperly dressed in gray suits with just a touch of color in Joel's shirt while Jesse goes for a sedate dark blue, matching the pocket square in his buddy's breast pocket, which accents his pink shirt nicely. They have close-cropped hair with neatly trimmed facial hair, and Joel wears sedate brown-framed glasses. Their hosiery is a fine see-through fabric that extends far up the thigh, giving a peek-a-boo to their toes.

Why describe their clothing if it's all just gonna be stripped off so they can fuck? Because it's not all gonna get stripped off so they can fuck! This is a clothing fetish scene, as are many of the scenes over at Gentlemen's Closet. The clothes, the look, the manner in which they are worn and later unworn, all of these are just as important to the vibe, setting, and tone of the scene as the size of their cocks, the shape of their bodies, and what they do with them. So enjoy every last detail, guys! It all meshes together to create a harmonious erotic convergence.

As they kiss, it's especially exciting to watch, as they are two very handsome men who could be executives daring to explore each other in a secret boardroom, or they could be two blue-collar studs under all that fabric who hooked up in a side room at a relative's wedding. And frankly, with their gruff physicality dressed up to the nines, I'm going with that latter scenario.

They take some slow time to undress each other, starting with the shoes, their feet pressed and head against the other's chest. Removed, the stockinged feet are exposed, and ready to be deeply inhaled, licked, placed in their mouths, and sucked on, tasting all the manly funk. They don't leave an inch of the foot unattended as they run their tongues over the top, underneath, and shoving the balls of the feet as deep in their mouths as they can fit them. Inhaling his wingtips, Joel is in heaven, his eyes closed in rapturous delight as he breathes in all of Jesse's intoxicating odor while Jesse leans back in smug and sexy satisfaction.

And that is all there is to it. You have to check out another scene of theirs for the fleshy pumping cock action that I may cover in another post, but here, you are given simple delights of handsome men, exploring, undressing, and literally sniffing each other out. It sexualizes what men do in public all the time, just not as blatantly. We view, we judge, we assess, and we use our senses to judge our position of safety, power, and dominance relative to the man in front of us. This can happen in the boardroom or the bedroom.

Click the link below to visit Gentlemen's Closet and check out this exciting foot fetish scene.

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