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Roman Capelli Bottoms For Crush Luke Geer on Southern Strokes


After Years of Yearning, Roman Capelli Finally Beds His Sister’s Boyfriend!

Roman Capelli is just chilling on one of his couches when his sister’s boyfriend comes wandering into the room with a soccer ball. Both young men are dressed for sports and Luke Geer is interested in taking advantage of that fact. Roman, however, is interested in taking advantage of Luke while playing “A Different Game.” Making his dreams come true is SouthernStrokes.com.

It’s a good thing that some production companies release short scene descriptions because otherwise I would have clue zero why their performers are in the same room, let alone balls deep in ass. One presumes that getting balls deep in ass is part of the reason why they’re in the same room, but sometimes it’s fun to know why else they're there. Especially when it’s an ostensibly straight guy playing this particular ball game.

So, anyway, Roman’s sister has a boyfriend, and his name is Luke. Roman’s been wanting to get Luke’s dick in his ass for years and that moment has finally arrived! For no reason I can figure out other than opportunity, Luke is totally down with the idea of playing kissing face and more with his friend. It’s incest one step removed and knowing the background makes their youthful and otherwise wholesome romp feel much naughtier than it would otherwise.

Sporting the bigger dick but the more receptive asshole, Roman rubs Luke through his blue shorts until an elongating erection emerges out of one pant leg. This is Roman’s sign to strip the object of his desire out of his shorts, kiss and stroke his abs, and then start swallowing his cock with his mouth. That boy can suck, which he continues to do even while removing his shirt. Meanwhile, Luke kicks back on the couch chomping away at gum that presumably got swallowed or stashed at some point.

After Luke gently fucks his buddy’s face for a while, the duo takes a break for more kissing. This is where I’m hoping Luke took the gum out of his mouth because before long he puts Roman’s sizable man-meat stick into his primary face hole.

The two make quick work of getting naked (except for their athletic socks) and Roman makes himself comfortable kneeling on the couch with his ass facing Luke. For someone who was worried they would “scream” (according to the promo text) when getting Luke’s dick up his butt, Roman makes some of the most delightful noises. It doesn’t matter which of the positions they employ, Roman bottoms like a champ, and Luke’s presumably inexperienced boy-fucking member knows exactly where to point itself.

I’m not sure what to call a semi-romantic scene like this but watching Roman jizz on himself before Luke squirts the length of his bottom boy’s body is definitely “A Different Game.” One that makes the sofa squeak a lot.

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