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Brandon Anderson And Hugo Santana Bang For Active Duty In ‘Brandon Breaks In Hugo’


The New Recruits Always Need Some Physical Direction.

Big Mike directs the studly Brandon Anderson and the equally studly Hugo Santana for Active Duty in "Brandon Breaks In Hugo," and damn are these a couple of impressively-built boys. Clad only in boxers, they're hanging out on their cot in the barracks showing off their torsos: Brandon being tall and long and smooth, and Hugo being shorter with just a bit of hair over his ripped chest and six-pack abs. Brandon is one of those good ol' boys, an All-American bro that likes a little dick on the side, so he pairs nicely with Hugo, who is a light-skinned Latino with a sexy five o'clock shadow.

It doesn't take long for these two horndogs to get their thick dicks out as Brandon whips out his cock, instructing Hugo to take it in his mouth. And Hugo doesn't need to be told twice and hungrily chows down on the other other white meat, sucking it down as Brandon gives his commands in an effort to teach the less-experienced Hugo.

Brandon stands and feeds Hugo his cock, face fucking him as he stays on his knees. The two look great like this and it's the kind of action you hope to walk in on and catch them in, and have them just keep going. Hugo is loving the taste of the man's dick in his mouth, savoring every inch of musky maleness before he's instructed to turn around and show his ass off. He pushes his plump bubble butt out and Brandon is quickly on his knees, sticking his tongue in between Hugo's cheeks and eating away like it's his prom date's pussy. Spitting and slobbering, he is hungry for that hole, spreading the fuzzy cheeks and exposing the dark rosebud before standing and pressing the mushroom head of his beautiful dick against it. Hugo opens up and Brandon is soon pounding away, setting up a steady rhythm that Hugo eventually takes over, the solid Brandon standing prone, his hands behind his head in a statuesque form of bravado as his bottom bucks his ass back against his dick, fucking himself.

Laying back, Brandon allows Hugo to take control by straddling him and riding him a while as he jacks his own dick. but it's not long before he lets the tables be turned, pushing Hugo off and raising his heels to the ceiling, exposing his own gorgeous hole, which Hugo promptly fills with his own steady rhythm. This continues unabated until they're both jacking their creamy loads onto Brandon's belly.

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