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Felix Fox And Michael Roman Work The “Car Wash” For Trailer Trash Boys


It Gets Wet And Wild When Hoses Come Out.

Over at Trailer Trash Boys, where you always know yer gonna run into hot and horny rednecks, super-muscled Felix Fox and Michael Roman let their libidos distract them from the job at hand in "Car Wash."

Poor Michael, he just wants to wash his car in the blazing hot sun as it shines down on his tanned and heavily tatted skin, which peeks nicely from beneath his tight tight tank top. Damn, the man looks fine as fuck standing there in the trailer lot, trying to get the water to come out of the hose. He's a hot muscle Daddy with a job to do. Calling out to his buddy Felix, he of equal musculature, but more defined and ripped, and looking all the while like a redneck Raggedy Andy with his mop of dark ginger curls and wide bright smile. Michael needs Felix to unkink the hose. This guy doesn't go for a little kink. Who'd a guessed it?

Felix works out the kink just as the nozzle is pointed at Michael's face and he's doused in a sudden spray of water, getting him refreshingly wet. In frustration, he rips off his already strained T-shirt and gives Felix the only punishment he can think of: a giant fat cock to the mouth.

Michael pulls out his Daddy meat and forces Felix to his knees. It's an intimidating flesh hose, but Felix, being the suck slut he is, has no problem downing that monster, slurping it down with the agility of a... um... something that's really agile. Agile at sucking cock. Anyway, Felix is a master at taking on the big boys is what I'm saying.

Michael makes the boy work both sides of his crotch, bending over and forcing Felix's face and tongue deep in his muscular butt cheeks, loving the feel of his tongue deep in his hole. Aw what the hell, Michael can suck some dick, too! And Felix is no slouch when it comes to what's swinging between his own legs. He's sporting a long thick pole as well that looks fantastic sliding in and out of Michael's handsome bearded face.

But the boy needs a lesson, so he's bent over some equipment in the garage and given a proper ramming as Michael becomes relentless on that tight upturned hole, pummeling his buddy's tender ass until eyes are rolling back in heads. These two look so damn beautiful together, but you can see for yourself!

Click the link below to visit Trailer Trash Boys and check out "Car Wash."

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