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“Payback’s A Bitch” For The Boys At Fraternity X


House Bitches Shouldn't Prank Full-Fledged Members!

The boys at Fraternity X are up to their old tricks, fucking the bejesus out of each other for some stupid reason or another. In this scene, "Payback's A Bitch," it seems the reason is that one of their lesser members thought it'd be cute to get a full-fledged, high-ranking frat member to sniff his ass off his finger. Retribution ensues. And by "retribution" I mean nasty-assed gang-bang! Dirk, Finn, Cole, Ashton Silvers, Brandon James, Max, and Darren Blue are the fuckers, and it seems Shae is the bottom du jour.

All the action takes place as all Fraternity X scenes do, in a filthy junk-strewn living room of the boy's frat house. They're sitting around when Shae walks in bragging about he chick he fucked earlier. Asking another member if he wants to smell her pussy off his fingers, the dude agrees, and that's when he's given a nose full of Shae's ass instead of sweet female vag. "Dude, why would you prank a full-fledged bro, dude?" is the question posed. Not coming up with a good enough reply, the other members decide that punishment must be met on his holes with the poles.

It doesn't take long for their young thick cocks to make their appliances, hard and raring to go on his mouth and ass. Luckily he's an expert cock sucker, swallowing whatever hard dick is shoved in his face. I'd say "presented to him" but these are not gentlemen who present their penises for enjoyment. They're horned-up fuck hounds who shove their hard-ons in a dude's face whether he likes it or not. And apparently, Shae kinda likes it!

He looks especially great when he's getting it from both ends and pair after pair step up to plate with their bats in hand, ready to finger cuff the fuck outta the funnyman. When he's laid on his back across a coffee table, legs in the air, and rammed in his backside as another squats over his face and mercilessly fucks his throat, it's amazing to me he didn't bring up that morning's breakfast of what I can only assume was cold pizza and warm beer. Shae's a champ is all I'm saying, swallowing that meat down like he skipped breakfast!

They not only own his holes but manage to verbally and physically degrade him as well, with the insults, slaps and spitting into his face as he looks back at them, watching them pile deep in his ass.

When he's on his knees in the middle of them as they jack their loads over his face, well, it was really just a foregone conclusion now, wasn't it?

Fraternity X's antics can be witnessed by clicking the link below.

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