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Isaac X Cruises For Muscle And Resorts To Alpha Wolfe At Raging Stallion


Emerging Like A God From The Pool, Isaac X Casts A Net Of Desire

I’m not sure which gay resort Isaac X and Alpha Wolfe are vacationing at, but it has a pool and Isaac looks glorious emerging from its watery depths wearing a tight blue jockey style swimsuit. He’s also wearing a salacious look, which he’s casting at the sunbathing Alpha Wolfe. This is the situation that Raging Stallion Studio presents us with as “Get A Room Too” begins.

Alpha is neither blind nor stupid, so he catches Isaac’s come-hither look and follows him to his ground-level room with a huge picture window perfect for voyeurs. It doesn’t look like the resort in question has invested a lot in its room furnishings, but they’re nice enough to not make a porn scene look cheap. And really, once these two tattooed hunks start seriously macking on one another, nobody is looking at the headboard or side tables.

Just looking at the duo, there’s no knowing who the top is because they both pack plenty of traditional family values masculinity in appearance. Alpha, in fact, is a heavily bearded brunette with a light carpet of fur running down the center of his toned body to the top of his red swim trunks. Yet he drops to his knees and shows Isaac that he knows a thing or more about sucking cock. It’s a beautiful thing to watch.

Because fair’s fair, it’s Isaac’s turn to show what he can do with his mouth in appreciation for the attention he’s received so far. He’s not quite the impresario with the skin flute that Alpha is, but he more than maintains the bearded pick-up’s attention. In fact, attention is exactly what Alpha pays to his smooth-skinned room romp. Proving he can multi-task, Alpha fondles Isaac’s pierced left nipple while feeding him daddy dick and compliments.

Having warmed up Isaac’s mouth, it’s time to give his throat a workout. He reclines with his head on the corner of the bed, positioned so that Alpha can crouch over him and deep dick his face with ease. It’s a slippery slope to ass eating and then mutual ass eating. And we all know where mutual ass eating leads: unprotected anal sex!

Isaac may have been on the hunt when he got out of the swimming pool, but Alpha is the aggressor in this moment. He slips his erection between Isaac’s hairless butt cheeks, entering without issue and being begged to fuck and fuck more by his moaning bottom. After satisfying some of Isaac’s need for prostate stimulation, Alpha settles his hairy asshole over his suitor’s rigid pole reverse and makes happy, guttural sounds of approval. You know, the way Raging Stallion men do.

Alpha arches his back and holds the position, forcing Isaac to do all the thrusting, and allowing his greedy butthole to revel in the sensation. He watches over his shoulder as Isaac works hard for a living. It must be as inspirational a view to Alpha as it is to us, because he lifts himself off from his anal impalement, pushes Isaac back, and rams his bush-encircled cock deep into the newly flip-fucking bottom’s ass. A little light choking, some cradling of the neck, a little more fucking, and then it’s time for the two studs to give up some man cream.

I get the impression that Isaac and Alpha didn’t technically need to “Get A Room Too” in order to enjoy one another’s carnal company, but they sure make the most of the bed available to them. Both men end their encounter happily, with Isaac taking the opportunity to pump and jizz on Alpha’s ass crack, and Alpha adding his own DNA to the mix. After spooning the combined solution into Alpha’s mouth, it’s kisses until credits.

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