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Felix Fox Seduces Coach Cole Connor In A Scene From Falcon Studios’ MAKING THE GRADE


It's Muscle Bear Meets Jock Bottom In This Hot And Humorous Scene.

Felix Fox and Cole Connor star in this scene from Falcon Studios' full-length feature Making the Grade. Here we find the young student-athlete Fox showing up at Coach Connor's place, ready to do anything it takes to stay on the team.

Fox is a young, curly-haired ginger with a super hard and defined body and one of those wide-open cute faces you just wanna pinch... and fill with dick. And he'd let ya! Connor is a handsome muscle bear of a guy with a beefy body and just the right amount of fur. With his gorgeous beard and impressive Daddy cock, he plays the Coach to Fox's seductive athlete perfectly.

Connor comes home to find Fox, who has broken into the home he shares with his hubby, lying in his bed, naked, ass up, and raring to go. Connor is incredulous, stammering and sputtering his protests as Fox seductively poses and preens, trying to get his coach to give him what he wants: a good grade, and his cock.

Connor's reasons don't shut the manipulative young man up though, and when he displays his tight smooth hole, Connor is diving into it tongue first, eating it out with abandon, forgetting his hubby could come home any second. Fox loves the deep tonguing, squirming and squealing his delight below the powerful man as he grinds back, wanting more.

Fox, though annoyingly impetuous and insistent, is also too hot to pass on, and Connor keeps falling further down that warm tight rabbit hole as Fox bats his big eyes and flashes his engorged cock. I'd a had to smack the kid while I fucked him, but Connor has more restraint. He takes the kid's offers and more so, trading some hearty deep throating before he commences to pummeling the kid's asshole, getting on top of him, rousing his full weight into the kid as he pushes him deep into the bed, both punishing and delighting him.

Coach loves tasting his student, pulling out at times to get down and rim his hole, or stroke and suck the boy's length as it pokes between his legs before rising to continue his vigorous ass pounding. All the while, Fox can simply grunt, moan, and exhale deep breathes which, when coupled with Connor's physical ministrations on his backside, come out in intentionally comical vocalizations of sex sounds. It's all equally hot and amusing at the same time.

It's especially steamy when Connor really forces his intentions on the lad, like when he pulls out and shoves his dick straight into Fox's open mouth, giving him a taste of his own asshole before shoving it back in his butt. Pretty soon he's fucking a load out of Fox before feeding him his own sticky mess. Slurp!

You can view this scene at Falcon Studios by clicking here or on the banner below.



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