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Muscle Boy Deacon Breaks Super Fit Kyle into the Industry on SeanCody.com


Two Athletic Bodies Make Beautiful Love in an Industry Debut Scene

Promo material can be so weird, especially when it’s about pornography. The description for this most excellent SeanCody.com scene describes industry newbie Kyle as a “twink.” I tend to think of twinks as generally being pretty slender, hairless, and pale. Boyish. While Kyle certainly has a fresh and wholesome boyish charm about him, he’s all man and has the body to prove it. And prove it, he does during “Deacon & Kyle: Bareback,” a scene title as deceptive in its simplicity as the scene itself.

Deacon is the more experienced SeanCody.com model and he wastes no time getting to know how the neophyte’s lips taste. Then it’s onto the super fit co-star’s armpit, which desperately needs licking, and his chest, which needs kissing. But always with the hands wandering to Kyle’s rather amazing butt cheeks which, like Deacon’s, are sadly concealed within a pair of sensible shorts. That doesn’t last long.

Nobody knows or cares how long it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, but it takes two minutes and six seconds for everyone to doff their duds and Deacon to get his mouth on Kyle’s asshole. If ever there was a mouth and tongue that loved their jobs, they belong to Deacon in this moment. It’s a thing of beauty to watch his tongue thoroughly run the length of Kyle’s ass crack, causing the athletically built bottom to moan and squirm in sincere delight. Deacon simultaneously keeps his right hand, his uncut cock, and Kyle’s right foot busy in a footjob move that is both surprising in its ingenuity and its sizzle.

Then comes the penetration shot.

As we learn later, it’s been a while since Kyle has bottomed or even jacked off, so there’s a wee bit of extra spit and patience needed. Kyle takes it all in stride and it’s smiles all around in no time, with Deacon declaring the balls-deep experience “beautiful.”

After plenty of doggie, including some soul kissing, Deacon abruptly pulls out and repositions himself on the corner of the bed for an oral sex experience that blows his fucking mind. Kyle is apparently quite the talented porn debutante. “You either don’t have to breathe or you’re really fuckin’ good at that,” Deacon gasps in joyful disbelief at his scene mate’s deepthroat ability.

As inspirational as Kyle’s mouth is, Deacon finds it necessary to dive back into his ass reverse on his lap until the energetic bottom flops onto his back for some delightfully dirty missionary. There is something amazingly hot about watching a man ejaculate while being fucked in the ass. Because the universe is secretly on our side, that’s exactly what happens here. Kyle is able to stroke several lovely streams of white, creamy jizz out of himself while Deacon continues to stroke Kyle’s prostrate with his cock.

There is such a sense of genuine surprise and delight in “Deacon & Kyle: Bareback.” It keeps each moment fresh and immediate. That doesn’t stop once Kyle’s DNA is resting on his lower abdomen. Deacon rubs the cum all over his new BFF and then caps the 33-minute celebration of Kyle’s ass by pulling out and adding his own juices to those coating his buddy’s body.

But that’s not all! Deacon is a true gentleman and has clearly had a great time. To show his appreciation further, he licks the cum off of Kyle and ends the scene with lingering kisses.

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