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Video Game Superhero Nick LA Meets His Number One Fan in Theo Brady on Men.com


It’s a Dream Cum True When a Cosplay King Signs Autographs and Keeps it ‘Professional’

Men.com knows its nerds. It had my interest at superhero, gaming convention, autographs, and fans in cosplay garb, but sealed the deal with a blowjob under the signing table by a guy in a unicorn onesie. With a promising beginning like that, “Cocksplay Part 1” was poised for either brilliant erotic success or at least a few cheap laughs. I couldn’t lose by watching it!

Welcome to Cocksplay 2021, a conference specifically to promote Nick LA’s new game. Alas for his fans, he’s late. And hungover. Or maybe just plain drunk. And he has no idea why he’s even there. Because of this, his wrangler is losing her mind and fans are starting to grumble or wander away. When he finally arrives, wearing a trench coat and a muddled but smoldering expression, the fun officially begins.

Once the trench coat is off and the sexy superhero costume is revealed, along with an impressive crotch bulge, the hard work of writing his name over and over begins. After signing a few autographs, Theo Brady approaches Nick in hopes of his signature. Theo is dressed in that open-marriage dream animal, a unicorn. After a brief exchange that earns Nick a stern reminder from his wrangler to be “professional,” Theo lets him know he deserved the autograph. And Nick deserves a blowjob!

That’s the final straw for the wrangler chick, who walks out with a vow to escape this madness and return to nursing school. This means Nick is left to his own devices, which happen to include letting the unicorn keep sucking his cock, but now he doesn’t have to kneel under the table with his pink tail sticking out. They’re going to the green room!

Once inside the room, depravity rules. Nick decides he’s annoyed by Theo’s behavior and affixes a lovely unicorn horn butt plug to the refrigerator before letting his fan go to town. Seeing as he had his own horn cruelly cut off by the wrangler earlier, watching the colorful plug go in and out of his ass in accordance with the movement of the refrigerator door is an additional delight. The noises that Theo makes only enhance an already hot scene.

Proving that no sex scene can be so serious that it can’t be silly, Nick reclines on the floor with the unicorn horn plug on his forehead and orders Theo to settle his ass down on it. It’s a novel position and somehow manages to be both comical and amazingly dick-twitching. After stretching himself out nice and easy on the unicorn horn, unicorn Theo relocates his ass to superhero Nick’s cock, first on the floor and then kneeling on a chair doggie. There are some great under-cock-and-balls penetration shots when Theo moves into full reverse on Nick’s lap that beautifully set up the climax.

It’s a climax that ultimately drains out of Theo’s ass as a juicy creampie, making him officially Nick’s number one fan. At least in this episode of “Cocksplay.”

Click here or on the banner to watch the whole scene.

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