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“Hot Cherry Meow, Meow” Is Rare Bi Fun At Maverick Men


Cole and Hunter Invite Their Friend CeeCee and Her BF To Join Them.

The Maverick Men, Cole (hot silver Daddy) and his hubby Hunter (dark and bearded) film great gay scenes with each other, buddies, and their legion of fans all for our delight. "Hot Cherry Meow, Meow" is only their second bisexual venture as they invited their friend CeeCee to play along as her BF watched. We're ensured that they later played with the BF and that video is forcing. Can't wait! But until then...

Cole and Hunter both have amazing bodies and thick long cocks. No wonder they have so many fans! CeeCee is a super-cute girl with prominent tats and small naturals tits. We start the action with Cole holding the camera as he's instructing CeeCee and Hunter in sucking his fat Daddy dick. Luckily he doesn't have to give any pointers as these two are cock sucking pros. Having both of these gorgeous people on that one dick is really what sexual liberation is all about. Ain't no body gonna tell these two gay guys who they can and can't have sex with! They trade the dick back and forth, and while granted, Hunter is better at deep throating that monster, CeeCee just looks so damn cute next to Hunter's handsome bearded face, tonguing and slurping for all it's worth.

Hunter stretches out on the couch with CeeCee kneeling in front of him, sucking his dick as Cole works the camera from behind and we get nice reaction shots from Hunter, proving CeeCee knees how to work a gay dick. To make is hotter, Cole climbs up over CeeCee to feed his hubby his cock, so we have a nice suck pile happening. Cole then kneels behind CeeCee, tonguing her pussy until it's ready to be penetrated, and Cole does just that. Sliding in and building up a rhythmic pumping, she's petit enough that he can lean over her to suck his hubby's click as he begins to vigorously fuck CeeCee.

Here's the thing  that really makes all this really hot. No annoying porn acting! Natural reactions! CeeCee doesn't play for the camera with a lot of loud verbal exclamations and performing. Her yelps and sighs and moans are organic and natural to what the men are doing with her, and it's such a relief!

They really start working up a sweat when the men switch positions, Hunter banging her from behind with virile intensity, driving her face deeper onto Cole's dick until he announces he's ready to cum. Taking direction from Cole, he pulls out and jacks onto her ass before shoving it back in her pussy. Afterward, Cole continues fucking her as she rides him Cowgirl style before he finishes off deep in her in a missionary position.

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