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Luke Desmond and Josh Jared Get Their Fuck On For Hard Brit Lads


Horny Chav Lads Shed the Trackies and Flip Fuck!

Luke Desmond and Josh Jared are two lean, toned, tanned (?!) British "chav" lads (hey, producer's word, not mine; sorry if you find it pejorative) willing and eager to flip-fuck themselves out of their "trackies" and into some serious cum squirting for their scene at Hard Brit Lads.

Both of these pretty boys are smooth of skin, tall of frame, and impressive of cock. Long and lean in all the right ways, donning gold chains and baseball caps, they look all the part of street bros hanging out, bored, willing to fight or fuck. In this case, they just fuck. We find them in a simple, slightly shabby room, just hanging out exploring each other's bodies. Lots of kissing starts the proceedings as they tenderly exchange lips and tongues, eventually moving down their well-defined torsos to linger at the nipples, flicking and teasing with their tongues, tasting each other's sweat, groping enlarged hardens through their sweats.

Shedding their tracksuits, they expose their stunning young cocks, hard as wood with a length and girth that can only impress. Honestly, I'm always surprised by British dude's dicks; not sure why. I've been in a suck and fuck pile in London and I swear to God, it's just one baby arm after another. Ah, sweet memories. Sorry, where was I? Oh yeah...

Desmond is the first to drop to his knees, swallowing down Jared prodigious member before offering his mate his own, which, seriously, would cause any pro sucker to think twice, or draw a couple more times on the popper bottle before proceeding. Desmond has a huge fucking dick, lemme just say that. Jared does his darned best, giving it the old college try. Hey, he may not be deep throating that snake, but damn if he doesn't look great trying.

Jared's soon on his back on the couch, legs splayed as Desmond fingers his hairy hole, opening it up for the assault to come. And assault he does, donning a condom and plunging gently in, inch by rock-solid inch. Here's a challenging task Jared can rise as his buddy works up speed and force and is eventually pounding away.

Needing time to rest and recover, Desmond moves to the bottom position as Jared gets his own member up his mate's hole, standing and slamming away until they're ready to shoot spunk loads over each other's faces.

Make yer way over to Hard Brit Lads to see this and other hot Brit men with their eyes closed, thinking of England. Click here or on the banner below to see more.


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