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Finding the Perfect Spot


They say there’s no rest for the wicked. That’s especially true when you’re a crew member for a porn shoot. Sure, it sounds glamorous, like it’s all fluffing hung studs between scenes and giving handjobs during coffee breaks, but it’s more than just that. It’s also letting the director fuck you in the ass when inspiration strikes him.

Maybe it’s not that way for everyone, but that’s what happened when Austin Avery went scouting around the studio with director Dillon Diaz in search of a new spot for filming fornication. It didn’t take them long to find exactly what they were looking for. Once there, the two decided to do a walk-through of the action to be filmed. Of course, the action to be filmed does not involve much walking.

What started as an innocent pantomime of not-at-all innocent sex positions quickly turned into the real thing, with Austin on his knees slurping on Dillon’s fat cock. Not to be selfish, Dillon returned the favor, adding a solid ass licking for good measure. Thus slick and ready, Austin’s hole was a welcome and warm place for Dillon to repeatedly shove his raw cock, barebacking the darker skinned crew hand into a blissful state.

As things reached a boiling point, Dillon flipped Austin onto his back for easier prostate pounding. From that position, Austin could watch the director do his job while he jerked a copious amount of cum onto his abs. Further inspired, Dillon withdrew his own cock from its butthole sanctuary, and adds his own jizz to the pool on Austin’s gleaming flesh.

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