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Daddy & His Boys at Lucas Entertainment


Daddy and His Boys at Lucas Entertainment
Daddy and His Boys at Lucas Entertainment
Daddy and His Boys at Lucas Entertainment

When it comes to dick, Daddy always knows best! It’s all about family values in this bareback threeway from Lucas Entertainment. The scene is called Daddy and His Boys and it’s taken from the video Servicing Daddy’s Dick. This scene features Manuel Skye, Blaze Austin, and Drake Rogers.

As the scene begins, Manuel has recently been at his wit’s end with his two disobedient step-boys (played by Blaze and Drake.) Manuel had decided that it was time for some tough love, so he had done his best to teach them respect in the same way that his own daddy had taught it to him – with a big, raw, uncut dick in the ass! This method of adolescent instruction proved surprisingly effective, and in this scene Blaze and Drake eagerly show off their new social skills by satisfying daddy’s big dick with their mouths and asses. However, by the end of the scene the two kids manage to turn the tables and it’s daddy who is getting dicked! It’s so hard to be a parent.


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