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New House Bitch at Fraternity X


New House Bitch at Fraternity X
New House Bitch at Fraternity X
New House Bitch at Fraternity X

Ever wonder what the frat boys at Fraternity X do to pass the time on a typical Wednesday night? They don't study, that's for sure! You can finally find out what they actually do get up to in this hot new bareback gangbang from Fraternity X called "New House Bitch."

When Wednesday night rolled around, the guys were feeling a bit bored and restless, so a few of them hit the campus and found a cute young freshman to bring home. The hot young twink is named Cooper, and according to the straight guys at the frat he looks like a girl when you are fucking him from behind. Of course, that's the same cover story they always tend to use when they knowingly fuck other guys. But, hey – whatever works.

Sometimes the Fraternity X boys can be a bit brutal, often moving their playthings to tears at some point. But not this time. Cooper seems to have known exactly what he was in for back at the frat house, and he's secretly loving every minute of the gang bang as the frat boys all have their way with his "girl-like" backside. The scene stars Cooper Steel, Tucker, Charlie, Junior Fernandez, Ian, Miles Taylor, Liam, and Tyler White.

[flv:https://www.barebackworld.com/video/new-house-bitch.mp4 480 270]

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