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Raw Threeway With Franco, Joss, and Rebel at Chaos Men!


Raw Threeway With Franco, Joss, & Rebel at Chaos Men!
Raw Threeway With Franco, Joss, & Rebel at Chaos Men!
Raw Threeway With Franco, Joss, & Rebel at Chaos Men!

Want to know how to have great sex? Try new things! It's a simple idea, but it works – and you can see an example in this versatile bareback threeway from Chaos Men starring Franco, Joss, & Rebel.

Joss and Rebel were both very new to guy-on-guy action. Neither of them had ever been fucked before, and Rebel wasn't even willing to suck a cock in his previous video. However, good chemistry can make all the difference. Joss is super excited, and his arousal and enthusiasm causes Franco and Rebel to get really turned on as well. As they shed their inhibitions, all three of them end up wanting to try everything. Before it's over, all of them end up tasting cock, being blown, fucking bareback, and having their asses pounded.

Franco has more experience than Joss and Rebel, so he gets things rolling by showing Rebel how to suck a dick. Franco sucks Joss' uncut tool as a demonstration, then lets Rebel take over. These guys learn fast and they all take turns blowing each other. The same method of instruction is used for fucking, and soon they're all pounding each other's asses bareback.

In the end, Rebel creampies Joss's hole. With the cum still dripping out of his ass, Joss then fucks Franco until Franco shoots his load while being pounded. Josh continues fucking Franco and he can't resist the urge to cum inside Franco's ass. After the first couple squirts he manages to pull out and then splatters the rest of his jizz all over Franco's cute bubble butt.

[flv:https://www.barebackworld.com/video/franco-joss-rebel.mp4 480 270]

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