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Dean and Ollie at Sean Cody


Dean and Ollie at Sean Cody
Dean and Ollie at Sean Cody
Dean and Ollie at Sean Cody

In this hot new scene from Corbin Fisher starring Dean and Ollie, the two young jocks are initially dressed in jeans and casual shirts. They've both got great bodies, cute faces, and a very all-American look. As they're laughing and hanging out together, it looks like the kind of thing you'd expect to see at any college guy's home or dorm room. But there's one thing that makes these college buddies a little bit different. Whenever Dean and Ollie find themselves alone, they don't play videogames or talk about girls. Whenever they find themselves with a moment alone together, Dean and Ollie immediately begin fucking around! These guys are constantly on the lookout for any opportunity to get naked together. Even if they will only have 5 minutes and it's really dangerous, they'll risk it. Whenever they spot an opportunity, they only have to look at one another to understand that they're both thinking the same thing. The anticipation gets them both hard, and as soon as everyone else has gone and the door latch has clicked shut, Dean and Ollie immediately pounce on one another and begin hungrily kissing, groping, and moaning as they take turns blowing and rimming each other.

This time around, Dean and Ollie are both in the mood to fuck. After some kissing, cock sucking, and rimming, Dean and Ollie enjoy a feverish bareback flip-fuck that continues until they both blow their loads. It's a miracle that they never get caught!

[flv:https://www.barebackworld.com/video/dean-ollie.mp4 480 270]

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