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Damaged Goods at Treasure Island Media


In typical Grand-Guignol style, Treasure Island Media has produced another lurid crowd pleaser with their new release Damaged Goods. This project is a collaboration between T.I.'M.'s Paul Morris and porn industry legend Nick Moretti that brings together Brad Mcguire, Antonio Biaggi, Chad Brock, Morgan Black, Rowdy McBeal, and other studs for a series of wild, over-the-top, boundary-pushing scenes of sick and twisted, BDSM-soaked man-breeding.

In the first scene of Damaged Goods, Brad Mcguire and Nick Moretti tag-team submissive slut Rowdy McBeal. They beat him without mercy and nearly break his jaw, face-fuck him, rape his hole, and spit on him -- and he just keeps coming back for more. When the scene ends, Rowdy is just a bleeding, damaged heap of used goods. And that's just the first scene. After that, things only get more intense. If this is the type of thing that floats your boat, we can confidently make two predictions:

1) You probably shouldn't be allowed to own firearms
2) You will probably love Damaged Goods!

[flv:https://www.barebackworld.com/video/damaged-goods.mp4 480 270]

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