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Bodybuilder Dan Gets Fucked






Satyr Films has a knack for finding straight guys who are willing (though reluctantly) to have gay sex when the price is right. In this hot new clip, straight bodybuilder Dan agrees to suck his first cock and to have his virgin ass fucked. He's completely heterosexual and even has a girlfriend who knows what he's doing. Maybe it gave her a secret thrill to imagine her man getting plowed, or maybe they just needed the money. Either way – if one of them had to whore themselves out, Dan was willing to step up.

After a brief nude interview, Dan gets ready to taste his first cock. "Ready" might not be the best word, because Dan looks pretty damn scared. As the big dick approaches Dan's mouth, he pulls back involuntarily. But soon it's tickling Dan's tonsils – and then the gagging begins. As his eyes water, you can tell that Dan is struggling – but it doesn't take him long to get the hang of things. Maybe there's a secret part of Dan that is even enjoying it... In the end, he does surprisingly well for a first-time cock sucker. Then, with the first challenge out of the way, it's time for Dan to discover the joy (and pain) of gay ass sex. Believe us – this is a wild ride that you do not want to miss! Who knows, you might even learn some new tricks as straight bodybuilder Dan gets his virgin ass raped!

[flv:https://www.barebackworld.com/video/bbw-0804.flv 500 375]

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