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Peter Axel & Greg York






If you haven't visited Tim Tales yet, this is a prime opportunity to check out the content on this site. It's stocked full of masculine studs engaged in the hottest bareback sex you'll ever see on any site. Take this clip, for example. Peter Axel and Greg York hook up in the shower for an intense one-on-one. These hairy, beefy men mean business when they climb into the shower, get wet, and then start to work one another's hairy holes and rock-hard poles. You'll be hooked instantly and you'll keep coming back for more. Especially with models such as these two.

This real-life couple really light up the screen with their intense passion. Whatever it is that they do off-camera really translates well to this clip as you can see that they really get into the action. Peter is one hot muscle god and his partner is equally built. In the shower, they swap blowjobs as only expert cocksuckers can suck. They go deep down to the hilt and take each other to the edge. But when the fucking begins, it becomes clear who loves to top and who loves to take it up the ass. You'll have to watch this clip for a full detail of their sexual prowess.

[flv:https://www.barebackworld.com/video/bbw-0623.flv 500 375]

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