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Getting arrested is no fun. You’re groped, manhandled and abused by the authorities even before you’re taken to the police station. If you’re lucky they’ll strip search you and explore all your cavities… Wait that sounds a lot like Raw Films new episode. If that rings a bell, it’s probably because that is exactly what happens to Thomas and Manuel. They’ve been booked but as they wait for further instructions, they get their freak on in the back of the police van. It must’ve been the hot shower that got them going because in this clip they really explore bareback, anal sex to the limits!

Horny Thomas tells Manuel that he wants to do it again so he takes off his clothes and points that cute, perky butt in Manuel’s direction. Manuel doesn’t need to be told twice. His hands maneuver towards Thomas’ boy hole. In seconds, the two of them are naked and Manuel is pounding his dick into Thomas’ freshly washed pucker. When he cums, he aims right at that freshly fucked hole and lets out a big wad of cum. Luckily, they’re able to fuck before any of the officers return, otherwise it would’ve been one massive orgy!

[flv:https://www.barebackworld.com/video/bbw-0224.flv 500 375]

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