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You Love Jack is probably the last site where you would expect to find any sort of bareback action, but we were pleasantly surprised when we saw one of their latest updates.

Alex and Zach are monogamous boyfriends who share one of their most intimate experiences with the world. They set up their handi-cam and film themselves having the hottest raw sex possible! There’s a little bit of cock-sucking but the two can’t wait to get to the fucking. There’s no doubt that these two have had a lot of sex together by the way Zach slides himself into Alex’s ass. He does it so fast that he barely notices that Alex actually gasps when Zach splits his tight hole apart. The two fuck for a while before Zach grabs the camera and goes in for a couple of close-ups of his dick sliding in and out of his man’s chute.

Although Zach has been doing most of the work all that changes when Alex has to impale himself by sitting on Zach’s tool. Like a true power-bottom, Alex really knows how to work every single inch of the long shaft, and continuously moans throughout the ride. Once Zach is satisfied that Alex has done enough work, he switches positions again and plows him from behind. As the fucking gets more intense, you can see and hear the distinct sound of balls pounding ass. Both cumshots are superb with Alex blowing a huge load everywhere, while Zach drops his all over Alex’s aching hole. He even reinserts the tip of his fat cum-drenched head making sure that Alex’s hole is left glistening both inside and outside.

[flv:https://www.barebackworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/alexzachredux-flashpreview.flv 500 375]

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