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Josh Weston Returns to Barebacking!


There are bareback movies and then there are bareback movies. Bareback movies feature hot skin-on-skin action but that’s usually as far as it goes. Bareback movies show dudes dropping their loads in the ass, on the ass, first on and then in... you get the picture. Bottom line is that bareback movies show lots of hardcore breeding. If these dudes were chicks they’d be popping something out in approximately nine months. Spunk Video’s Load Warriors definitely falls into the bareback category.
As far as breeding goes you can’t get any better, but there’s also plenty of taste testing going on for those who love to see guys get off on eating spunk. That’s exactly the case in the first scene between Lito and Sage who have a passionate fuck romp before Sage cums all over his own chest. Ever the recycler, Lito scoops it off and makes sure Sage eats every last drop!
There’s also plenty of huge uncut cock for those who want to enjoy a little foreskin fiesta. In scene two you get to watch an uncut piece of monster meat work its way up inside a nice tight hole. The camera really zooms in for the close up, which will have you swearing up and down that you can smell the musky scent of ball sweat mixed with precum and lube.
What viewers really want to see is Josh Weston and Aaron Summers going at it. The two gorgeous hunks have amazing chemistry together and will make you so hard you’ll have to whip out your cock immediately and pop one out. The best moment occurs when Josh is fucking Aaron, and he pulls out completely and gives Aaron’s ass a lick before slamming his cock back inside him. That’s one way to stay lubricated!

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