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Fan Mail Question of the Day: How to Get You Man Harder than Ever


Here’s another question we found in our e-mail earlier this week:

Hi Dirty Davey,

It’s no secret that I love having sex with my boyfriend. In fact, our neighbors have made multiple complaints that the two of us get way too loud when we’re getting raw and nasty together! But I have a complaint of my own –Lately, whenever I want to get fucked, my boyfriend can’t get hard! Not even a little bit. What should I do?
-Stuck Between and Rock and A Soft Place

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 Worry not, noisy noisemaker– We’ve been there many times before, and we’ve got a few great solutions for you, and I’ll have my boys from EuroTwinkin.com demonstrate. It’s all giving an amazing boyfriend if you want to get your boyfriend really hard. You’ve got to lick, suck and yank that thing long and hard – and as tired as you made get, just remember that it’ll all be worth it in the end to have something big, thick, and rock solid in your rear.

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Of course, if that does work, it always helps to have him stick it in your rear raw – even if he’s not completely hard. Twist that cock up, tie it off, just do whatever it takes to get that dick in your hole, like the latest smooth and sexy duo at EuroTwinkin.com has done, and let your hot hole do the rest. Before you know it’s you’ll be jumpin’ on his pogo stick for hours. And if that doesn’t work, I say dump his ass and find a new, harder man!

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