Active Duty Debuts New Model Tyler Austin

November 7, 2018 | Posted in Amateur by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: Tyler Austin - Active Duty]

Active Duty's newest recruit Tyler Austin is a cutie with stunning blue eyes and rosy cheeks

Not to mention, he has a smooth chest and a HUGE load of cum for you. How does that make you feel?

Gay Porn Model Tyler Austin

Shout out to the camo headboard in the back. Screams "Active Duty" doesn't it?

From Active Duty:

Tyler takes his shirt off and the rest of his clothes revealing his smooth fit body. Once Tyler is rock hard and his balls are slapping from all the fast tugging he is doing, Dirk tells him to get on the bed and spread his legs...Tyler bends all the way over with his ass up in the air and spreads his legs wide as his head is buried in the pillow. He continues to stroke his hard cock from behind as he uses one hand to spread his ass wide open for all to see. His smooth hole winks and soon enough Tyler is back on his back stroking his cock.Tyler tugs on his hard dick a few more times and he finally releases his built up load all over his smooth chest.

OK But seriously, LOOK AT THOSE EYES.

And those cheeks. That gaze! Almost as icy and penetrating as Calvin Banks', right?

Tyler Austin Active Duty

Tyler Austin could be a model, but he chose to be a gay porn model.

Even when he strips down he reveals a smooth toned body, and a cock that is sufficient.

Tyler Austin at Active Duty

Such pretty eyes and rosy cheeks!

That ass tho. Not smooth there! That hole looks hungry too.

Male Butt Picture

That's a nice hole, in my opinion. What would you do to it?

Not to mention that huge load of cum!

Tyler Austin cum shot

No Fake Cum here!

Which Active Duty Model would you like to see Tyler Austin paired with?


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