New Episode: Caged Desires Part 2

July 4, 2018 | Posted in Amateur by bf_andrey



In this second of a Behind Friends 2-part series, a new recruit comes into Commander Friedl's lair for what the recruit thought is a routine visit to his future commander.

Scene Description

Patrick's lifelong dream has always been to become a soldier. Despite his small build, his passion to serve others has driven him to pursue this career.

The young aspirant arrives in the commander's quarters, and sees a fully naked and muscular man inside, and a young man inside a cage. The surprised commander asks Patrick to come in.

Thomas orders the young recruit to put his hard dick in his mouth. Patrick obliges, but his teeth get in the way of a smooth blowjob, causing some discomfort. Thomas, clearly agitated, tells him to get his teeth out of the way. Patrick enjoys the blowjob and relishes the feeling of the commander's dick in his mouth. (You can read the full scene description on the site).

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