Okey, So, Do You Know About Boyfriend Twins Pierre A. Bouvier And Nick Champa?

June 25, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency

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Panties don't fail me now! Somehow I've gone my entire career on the dark web with only tangentially covering boyfriend twin sensations Pierre A. Bouvier and Nick Champa once, but the buck stops here. And the fuck starts here. Pierre and Nick are the kind of lookalike boyfriends (or boyfriend twins as they say in the jizz biz) that are so sickeningly cute you would probably hate them if you met them in person, but since most of us will never have that opportunity, we'll categorize them as dick-meltingly hot rather than insufferable and highly skanky.

The duo post roughly forty pictures an hour of themselves swapping spit while squeezed into tiny undies on their respective Insta accounts, and the result is an Insta fap fest for the ages! Both boys are French, both have DSL that Hoover could sue for copyright infringement, both have ridiculously ripped bods, and both have hot packages in serious need of unwrapping! Check out their hottest moments and then spend the rest of your day very depressed about your life...


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I bloom just for you.: @themichaelweist —

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