Shawn Mendes Admitted He Wants Some Of Justin Bieber's Undies

June 6, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by trey-paul

Musical Boy Wonder (and my personal favorite twink) Shawn Mendes just let us in on a kinky little secret. During his time on Carpool Karaoke with Late Late Show host James Corden, the "Mercy" singer talked about what's it like to begin growing up at 19 and how it feels to be on his own, but then he let something slip that I just can't stop thinking about.

During the convo, Shawn mentioned that although he's moved out of his parents house and into his own place in Toronto, his mother still does his laundry (awww). James mentioned another Canadian-born artist, Justin Bieber,  allegedly just buys a new pair of underwear every day and sells his used ones on the internet.

Without missing a beat, Shawn admitted he'd definitely buy a pair if he ever came across them online. "I'd probably cap it at like $500," he said.

So... a few questions.

How freaky is Shawn Mendes? Like, you know he's got some dark secrets just waiting to come out. Also, does the Biebs just have an online store filled with his used undies? Like an Etsy shop or something?

I need answers. Now.

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