Hugh Grant, Ben Whishaw In A Very English Gay Make Out

May 17, 2018 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


Jolly good, bitches! Hugh Grant and Hottie McHotterson Ben Whishaw star in the upcoming BBC mini-series A Very English Scandal, which is based on 70's daddy British politician Jeremy Thorpe, who had an affair with hot young piece Norman Scott, and then allegedly planned to put out a hit on said piece so as to maintain his political career. Daddy politician Thorpe was acquitted of the charges, and, here we are. The Brits are sluts too!



The trailer for A Very English Scandal promises a repressed desexualized prim and proper look at the relationship between Thorpe (Grant) and Scott (Whishaw) but we still get a twentieth of a second of spit swapping as well as a look at a toned and delish shirtless Whishaw.

In case you don't remember, he's the openly sexy actor who got super de duper gay and nude on screen in London Spy, which aired on BBC Two. To the Brits out there, why was London Spy so damn hot and A Very English Scandal is like an episode of School House Rock... Hard? If this was helmed by Ryan Murphy we'd see Thorpe and Scott snowballing each other's nasty ass wads.

Well, on that note, check out the trailer and let us know if the pairing of Grant and Whishaw gives you A Very English Scandal In Your Pants!


Photo Credit: BBC

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