Open Post: Do You Use Poppers? Brought To You By A Gaping Bottom

May 16, 2018 | Posted in Editorial Features by his_excellency


First off, I just want to clarify to the zero non-gays reading this that "poppers" - the gay sex drug of choice - are very different than "Popples"  - the lovable and colorful 80's stuffed animals that could fold into their on FUPAs. I thought that was an important distinction to make before we proceed!

Anyway, poppers, not Popples, are inhaled by bottoms to give them a high as well as to relax their muscles and open up their assholes in preparation to receive big fat juicy dicks. The drug - a liquid containing alkyl nitrites sold in tiny glass vials available legally in the US - is so ubiquitous in the gay community that there's literally a "No Poppers Allowed On Plane" sign at the tiny airport in gay mecca Provincetown, MA.

Until last year I had always avoided poppers because something about the involuntary loosening of one's anus made me think I would explode in my pants, and while I've still never used it during naughty encounters because I'm from the South and I know Jesus and Santa are always watching, I have used it at parties. But this isn't about me. I want to know if YOU have used poppers. While bottoming? While topping? At parties? Right now? Here's a very happy (and open!) poppers fan to help jog your memory!


Peen.Is.: How are we feeling about the term "fag hole?"

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