Luke Hudson and Axel Evans Have Some REAL Chemistry During Their Raw Fuck

May 17, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: Axel Evans and Luke Hudson in Jacksonville - Jock Pussy]

During a hook up for Jockpussy, Axel Evans and Luke Hudson show us what sex should REALLY look like

Smiling? Laughing? General concern for your partner's well being? What sexual fresh hell is this?

This is Luke and Axel showing off some genuine chemistry.

Teeth are usually not welcome in sex, but this is a set of teeth I'm loving seeing!

Axel evans and Luke Hudson at Jockpussy

Ride it until you both cum...

From Jock Pussy:

Axel Evans has delicious skin. He also has a talented tongue which Luke discovers when the two lock lips and start to kiss. Luke perches above Axel - legs spread - and Axel's tongue gets to work as he makes our favorite porn star moan.

Luke then makes Axel moan as he uses his own tongue and lips to suck on that rod. Axel's cock is hard and ready to dive into Luke. The pleasure moans increase as the headboard bangs against the wall with every one of Axel's strokes until the two boys cum.

FTM porn at Jockpussy

Matching manties? So cute.

Have you ever smiled as big as Luke Hudson did when you've been eaten out before?

Usually when I'm sitting on someone's face, my knees are screaming at me. More power to Luke!

Axel Evans Eats Luke Hudson's pussy

Axel Evans must be REALLY good at eating pussy.

After Luke couldn't take anymore getting eaten out (or his knees actually DID get tired) he worked on Axel's cock.

Luke Hudson sucks Axel Evans's cock

Luke seems to love Axel's cock!

Have you ever smiled like this while fucking or getting fucked?

Have you ever smiled like this, period?

Axel Evans Fucks Luke Hudson

Sex should always look like this tbh.


There was cum too, but you'll have to watch the video for that.

Who should Luke Hudson work with next?


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