Jessy Ares Demands Special Service From Paddy O'Brian

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Jessy Ares and Paddy O'Brien haven't seen each other in a while. What does that mean? Paddy does as Jessy says, and then Paddy gets his payback.

Paddy O'Brien and Jessy Ares at

Special service on that ass. 

What do YOU do when you see a friend you haven't seen in a while? Have dinner? Have drinks? Waste time *talking*? All that shit is boring. Plus, you're both still wearing clothes.

Instead of getting reacquainted with each others' minds, Jessy Ares and Paddy O'Brian got acquainted with each others' bodies.

Paddy, for one, got reacquainted with the way Jessy's ass tasted.

Tastes good, doesn't it.

Paddy O'Brien Rimming Jessy Ares

Now That's a rimjob!

From Drill My Hole:

Paddy and Jessy haven't seen each other in a while and waste no time getting hot and down to some pleasure filled business.

Maybe they haven't met since they both fucked Paddy O'Brian's cute little assistant, Pietro Duarte?

The thing is, they didn't fuck each other. Not even in "The Boss Part 3"! And there wasn't a part 4, so no time but right now.

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Jessy was quick to get what he wanted from Jessy, even if it meant holding him down for it.

Is there anything better than watching Jessy ride cock?

Jessy Ares getting fucked

Jessy looks like he's in heaven riding that cock!

Once he got what he wanted, Jessy gave Paddy some more of what he wanted too.

That's what friends are for - to help each other cum. It's like a brojob, but better.

Paddy O'Brien Cumshot

We didn't get to see it, but Paddy looks like he loved Jessy's cock too.

Once Paddy came, Jessy was quick to get off too, and cum all over Paddy.

Jessy Ares gay porn cumshot

Special Service...of cum!

See the "Special Service" Preview From Drill My Hole:

Friends reuniting is the best thing. *claps four times*


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