K.J. Apa Finally Back With New Shirtless Riverdale Scene

May 3, 2018 | Posted in gay by his_excellency

We haven't heard a lot from the CW's teen sex party series Riverdale recently, but last night's episode - the fucking twentieth in the series' second season - titled "Shadow of a Doubt" brought a shadowy shirtless look at our favorite twenty-year-old high school half-Samoan creamboat K.J. Apa! Is it the best look yet at Apa's creamy tits? No. But damn it if I'm not going to shoehorn this boy into a post anytime I can. He makes me Sa-moan.



So, are any of you watching Riverdale? Is anybody watching Riverdale? The Archie-inspired series is a media hit for the CW and has been renewed for a third season, so they're doing something right. Like all good CW shows nobody really watches Riverdale, but like all good CW shows we're forever endeared to a buffet of new skanky eye candy, so I guess, um, IDK what my point is. It moistens my towelette, but IDK what the fuck is happening in the series. In the latest episode Apa's Archie goes at it shirtless with man stealer enemy #1 Veronica, and if nothing else it's an opportunity to relive Apa's hottest moment yet - his GQ shoot - in the gallery! Bless this boy...



Photo Credit: GQ

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