Michael Delray Gives Jacob Peterson The Pile-Driving Fuck Of The Year

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[WATCH: "The Chosen Few Episode 3: Fantasy Island" - NakedSword Originals]

Once Michael Delray saw a taste of Jacob Peterson's ass, he knew he had to get inside him

Now THAT's a nice view, isn't it? Michael Delray can do no wrong. He's has a beautiful face, he's well hung, and he knows how to use that dick - he even knows how to turn it around and give a great pile-driver fuck at NakedSword.

Michael Delray Fucks Jacob Peterson

Now THAT's a sex position!

Ever since his debut scene at Guys In Sweatpants a few years ago, he's been one to watch.

So it's no wonder that Michael Delray has been selected by Logan Moore to join the chosen few!

Is "The Chosen Few" a proper noun? Like is it a THING? Should it be in parentheses and italicized? It IS a big deal...

Michael Delray Naked Sword

Two words to describe Michael Delray? Hung and Handsome.

From NakedSword Originals:

Being part of the Chosen Few is a fantasy come true, but between the private yacht, the luxurious home, and stunning men, Michael DelRay can hardly believe any of it is real. That's why when he catches a glimpse of a handsome, half-naked Jacob Peterson he wonders if he's hallucinating. When Jacob corners Michael in the guest bedroom and shoves his uncut cock in Michael's mouth there's not doubt he is real.

With an ass like that, you probably didn't think Jacob Peterson was real either.

The drapes don't match the carpet, and the curtains barely match the thing that curtains hang from, but Jacob is irresistible regardless.

Jacob Peterson Naked Sword

Why didn't anyone tell me Jacob Peterson's ass was this nice?

When Michael finally got inside, he made sure to get a good look at Jacob's ass.

The Chosen Few - Naked Sword Originals

Jacob's giving Michael a nice view!

Then He turned him over and got a nice view of that chest.

Jacob has perfect chest hair, doesn't he?

gay missionary sex

Michael giving Jacob a nice view too!

If you get to fuck the guy of your dreams, but don't cum all over his chest, did you even fuck him?

If only Michael had turned him over to cum on that tattoo. A little target practice is always nice.

Gay cumshot image

Fantasy Island Ending With A Bang.



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