Time To Play Guess The Fuckable Celebrity!

April 26, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


Hi and welcome to my TMZ ripoff - Guess The Fuckable Celebrity! Last week you insatiable dick buckets were all over guessing the fuckable celeb who turned out to be none other than the fluidiest deafest model around, Nyle DiMarco. This week we have another hottie with a freakishly delish bottie who will test your knowledge of celebrities who need to be fucked ASAP!

I suggest that you play the guessing game in your head before checking out the comments, because I can think of at least a couple of you thirsty britches that have the fine-tuned taint spidey senses to figure this out in one second. Okay, dick cock. I mean, tick tock!

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