Logan Moore Gets His Revenge on Dante Colle The Hard, Rough, and Fast Way

April 25, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: "The Chosen Few Episode 2: Lesson Learned" - NakedSword Originals]

Once Logan Moore Catches Dante Colle Fucking His House Guest Alam Wernik, Things Get A Little Rough In the BEST Way.

Payback isn't always served rough. Sometimes it's best to get payback by GETTING it rough too. After Logan caught Dante fucking his boy, he wanted a piece of the action...and some of Dante's piece.

Guess this is what happens when you're not one of the chosen few...

...but after that load of (fake) cum Dante made Logan shoot, maybe he is one now:

Logan Moore Cumming NakedSword

THAT is a nice load of cum. Nice work!

In Episode 1, Logan Moore literally TOLD Dante Colle Not to Fuck Around With His Boy Toy Alam Wernik:

But Alam liked what he saw in Dante, so Alam took what he wanted. Maybe they both knew what they were getting into...

[WATCH: "The Chosen Few Episode One: Anything But The Blond" - Naked Sword Originals]


Logan Moore catches his handsome houseguest Dante Colle breaking the golden rule: hooking up with Alam Wernik. To teach him a lesson, Logan drags Dante into the house and orders him to eat his ass. Dante dives in tongue first, getting Logan's hole primed and ready for Dante's enormous cock. Logan rolls over Dante shoves it in and power-fucks a load out of his horny host. Logan pushes Dante back and sucks his cock, greedily licking up every last drop of cum. Judging from the look on Dante's face he has clearly learned his lesson.

Dante looks like he's not here for your shit, but you're here for his cock, anyway:

Gay Porn Star Dante Cole

Dante Cole was ready regardless.

And EVERYONE is here for Logan's ass:

Could you resist that in your face?

Gay Porn Star Logan Moore

Could you say no to Logan Moore's ass?

Dante sure couldn't.

Dante Cole Rimming Josh Moore

Talk about a nice appetizer before a feast.

His dick couldn't resist it either!

Silly dick!

Dante Cole Fucking Josh Moore

Dante Colle has a nice ass to look at too...

But once Dante was completely inside Logan, he couldn't resist that view either:

Dante Cole Josh Moore NakedSword

Logan sure gives a nice view...

Bottom line? Logan is just as resistible as his boy, Alam is.


How do you like to get revenge? With a nice fuck, like Logan Moore?


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