Jason Vario Gives Tegan Zayne The Saving He Deserves...And Some Cock Too

April 24, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Jason Vario saves Tegan Zayne from some horrible spells Seth Santoro performed on him. Tegan pays him back the best way he knows how - a nice blowjob.

Because we all need to be saved.

In Episode One, Seth Santoro performed some rituals on Tegan, including the ritual of cocksucking:

Who is performing rituals on who now?

[WATCH: "Three Wishes: Episode One" - Raging Stallion]

Jason Vario is probably the hottest genie you'll ever see in your lifetime.

Is this cultural appropriation, though?

Will we hear about this in a few days the way we heard about Men.com's "Didgeridoo Me" being racist?

In case we do, enjoy it for now.

men.com didgeridoo me

[WATCH: Didgeridoo Me - Men.com]

In case we do, enjoy Jason Vario looking hot as ever, and not wearing a turban:

Jason Vario Raging Stallion

What if Jason Vario was a genie, and what if he saved you?


Tegan Zayne is running from a bad experience with Seth Santoro's spell gone wrong. He's about ready to do something drastic on the edge of a cliff when he's saved by hunky stud Jason Vario, who appeared magically in the desert. Jason brings Tegan back to his luxurious home. The minute they get in the door, grateful Tegan makes it known that he wants to suck his rescuer's big, hard cock and opens his mouth wide to take the massive uncut meat down his throat.

But also, enjoy Jason saving Tegan in the woods.

You already know what the fuck is about to happen! Get ready.

Jason Vario and Tegan Zayne

Tegan Zayne is so lucky.

If there's one thing Tegan loves, it's sucking cock.

He always sucks with vigor and gives the best messy blowjobs, like this one.

Tegan Zayne sucking dick

Was there ever a cock that Tegan didn't love to blow?

He even gives Jason's foreskin some love!

tegan zayne blowing jason vario

Tegan knows exactly how it's done.


What would you do if you had three wishes? Would you use one of them to fuck Jason Vario?


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