Happy 4/20! Here Are The Hottest Nude Celebs Who Partake!

April 20, 2018 | Posted in gay by fleshbot

Mr. Man:

If you’re looking to get high this 4/20, you’re ganja have a good time with these smoking and toking hot superstars! You’re going to want to take a hit of Brad Pitt when he bares buns and cum gutters in Troy. Not to be blunt, but we’re loony for George Clooney’s mooney in Solaris. Deal with it! Next, we’re blazed on Justin Timberlake’s ass in the hilarious Friends with Benefits. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is packing more than a bowl when he revels the mysteries of the universe, man, in Mysterious Skin. You’ll marijuana more of Matthew McConaughey’s bare bongos when he packs serious heat in Killer Joe. These guys know the proper etiquette is puff, puff, ass!

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