Alam Wernik and Dante Cole Have Some Cum In The Sun!

April 19, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: The Chosen Few: Episode 1 - NakedSword Originals]

Twunks Dante Cole and Alam Wernik Star in the First Oral-Only Scene of Naked Sword's Newest Series "The Chosen Few"

69 oral sex at naked sword

A little 69ing never hurt anyone, did it?

And are we at the point where we've seen enough oral-only gay porn that we can stop calling out these scenes? Is oral-only the new bareback? Will it ever be?


NakedSword launches its newest series "The Chosen Few", but they don't actually say what "The Chosen Few" are. Is it like, a fraternity? Why are there only a few of them, and why are they chosen?


Trenton Ducati continues his big-studio directorial efforts! His big-screen debut was in NakedSword's "Greasers":

He still directs his own porn at Nasty Daddy and Gentlemen's Closet, but sometimes a girl just needs to break out!

[WATCH: "Greasers" - Naked Sword]

(And if you couldn't tell, the two stars are twinks, which Trenton LOVES.) And he and Mr. Pam co-direct this one.

From Naked Sword:

Everyone in The Chosen Few knows there is only one rule: Logan Moore will give you anything you want, except the blond. Logan’s generosity ends when it comes to his personal houseboy and lover Alam Wernik. Everyone pretty much obeys that one rule, except for Alam, who takes pleasure in walking around nude, showing off his chiseled body and rock-hard, bouncing dick. His first victim is dark, sexy and hung houseguest Dante Colle who Alam finds showering off after paddle boarding.

Be honest - if you saw Dante Cole showering naked, would you be able to resist him?

Dante Cole Naked Sword

Dante Cole has a beautiful dick, the end.

But if a creature as beautiful as Alam Wernik approached you, would you be able to resist him?

You're in a tight spot; better choose wisely. Alam is that level of perfect, like Theo Ford and Colton Grey, that us mere mortals aspire to.

Alam Wernik Naked Sword

Alam Wernik is perfect, the end.

Dante's cock is so perfect, that Alam couldn't resist taking it to the back of his throat.

Alam Wernik and Dante Cole at NakedSword

Dick looks good on / in Alam!

But Alam's cock is also perfect, as is the rest of him, so naturally, Dante took it all.

There was also some 69ing, and some hole play - quite the tease for fucking, but no fucking...yet.

Dante Cole blowing Alam Wernik

Dante looks like he's having some fun in the sun!

Dante thinks he’s gotten away with it until he sees Logan lurking in the distance…



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