So, David Z. Miller Goes Full Frontal In Red Sparrow, And Wow

April 18, 2018 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


While everyone was talking about a fading starlet going nude in the movie Red Sparrow, the mainstream fake media neglected to let us know that the flick delivers double dongage from Makar Zaporozhskiy and David Z. Miller! I didn't personally see Red Sparrow because I don't like bad movies, but those who did were treated to a full frontal shot of the de-goddamn-licious Miller as he strips down in some stupid scene, as well as brief slippery bathroom cock from Zaporozhskiy as he gets into a fight with an actress people used to like.

This frontal shot of Miller is seriously doing it for me, and I dare you to find one thing wrong with him. It's the kind of package that needs to be nibbled on yesterday, and the kind of body that will make me feel bad about myself when I have a Taco Bell five-layer burrito at lunch! But not bad enough... to not eat it. Which is... the problem. Anyway, does Red Sparrow give you a hard Red Arrow? Or does it leave you... narrow. Shantay you stay.


H/T: Itsalekz

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