Has Brogan Reed Ever Looked More Bored In His Life?

April 18, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

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Jockpussy introduces its new model Xander James, But Brogan Reed's clear annoyance steals the show

Brogan, we are here. Blink twice if you need us.

Brogan Reed fucking Xander James

Someone should ask Brogan about his mental health, if he's hungry and getting enough rest. 

I don't think I've seen a debut this awkward since Daniel Duress made his, alongside Dolf Dietrich:

Just like Dolf alludes to in the comments, there's a backstory as to why his scene turned out the way it did. I'm wondering if there's a backstory to this scene. Was Brogan hungry? Tired? Did Xander's breath stink? Did they just not have chemistry? I need to know.

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And we only had to wait 2.5 years for someone to take its place!

As they got to the fucking, Brogan somewhat perked up. Xander looks a little off put too - maybe he wasn't expecting Brogan to be so big.

Also, can you believe we're already halfway through 2018?

Gay porn at Jockpussy

Doggy style looks fine. 8/10.

From Jockpussy:

Meet our newest boy Xander James. He's a good friend of Luke's and was curious to try porn. He's got stunning dark, mysterious looks with a mix of Mexican and Pakistani background. He's bisexual and only started transitioning a few years ago...For his debut performance he begins kissing Brogan wearing a jockstrap that frames his sexy ass perfectly. He swallows Brogan's cock with his mouth and then Brogan fucks him til the two are fully satisfied.

Brogan even looks like he's pulling away from Xander while they're kissing. Awkward.

Poor guy.

Xander James and Brogan Reed

A little kissing is always good foreplay.

Have you ever seen anyone so annoyed to be getting their cock sucked?

Is it because of the hand? Are you a hand or no hand person?

Xander James Blowing Brogan Reed

Brogan just looks so unhappy to be there.

This looks fine. More fine than everything else.

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Missionary also looks good. 8/10.


Again, Brogan, if you need us, we are here. Just blink twice.


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