The Tired-Looking Kind Of Chef From Queer Eye Bulges Out In Undies

April 13, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


Watching five minutes of the Queer Eye reboot turned me deeply, deeply homophobic, but thankfully that kind of Christian Bale-looking guy who calls himself a chef but really can only make guacamole is making up for everything with these hot new pics! (For the record: I totally respect anyone who likes the Queer Eye reboot, and I totally get the appeal, it just gave me stage ten diarrhea and it made me want to die.)

Anyway, today is all about chef extraordinaire Antoni Porowski, who cooks up some hot shirtless bulge action for the new Hanes Comfort Flex Fit underwear campaign. The boy is looking all kinds of sexy, and now I totally get why people like that he looks like he's always three seconds away from his REM cycle. It's sexy. I imagine fucking him would be like having sex with a dead person. And you know me. JK.

It's honestly so great that Hanes - the brand that created the packaging that turned Target shopping trips into sexual explorations for millions of boys pre-Internet - is getting on the gay bandwagon. Porowski is here, he's queer, and he's taken half a bottle of Benadryl. Drink more of that coffee gurl!



Photo Credit: Hanes

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