Time To Play Guess The Fuckable Celebrity!

April 11, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


Short story long, I was perusing TMZ like all well-informed, woke, informed citizens do when I can across this "Guess the Model V-Cut" pic that I was indeed able to guess! I immediately added the talent to my résumé as it's obviously my crowning achievement, but now I want to see if YOU guys can identify this guy by just his V-cut. And if more than four people click on this, we'll do it again, because, IMHO, it's just plain fucking fun!

I suggest that you play the guessing game in your head before checking out the comments, because I can think of at least a couple of you thirsty britches that have the fine-tuned taint spidey senses to figure this out in one second. Okay, dick cock. I mean, tick tock!

See the reveal HERE

Photo Credit: Instagram

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