MORE Jamie Dornan Fifty Shades: Freed Nudity With Pube Action

April 10, 2018 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


Just yesterday we got a great look at Jamie Dornan's ass in Fifty Shades: Freed as he banged Dakota with his Johnson, but these new peeks are possibly even hotter! With a frontal nude modeling history, 1/4th cock in the original Fifty Shades of Grey, and beachy bulge action, you'd think we'd get used to seeing Dornan's gorgeous bod. And yet here we are. Horny on a Tuesday!

The new gifs show a completely nude Dornan getting out of the shower after Johnson combs his pubes with her fingers. Git what's yours gurl! Dornan's body seriously will just not quit, and it's great that the dripping messes seeing this thing in theaters got their money's worth. Although theater employees in charge of wiping up the puddles might feel differently.

Do you think these new Dornan nude shots are more fap-worthy than the ones we saw yesterday? Did you click away to Dornan's full frontal modeling pics without any intention of returning back to this post? Am I writing to literally no one right now? Am I going to die alone? Is there a God? Spillz!



Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

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