The Jamie Dornan Fifty Shades: Freed Nude Scenes Are Here

April 9, 2018 | Posted in gay by his_excellency

One shade for each year most of the divorced women in the theater watching the movie have been alive! We aren't necessarily the target demographic for a movie based on a book penned by a thirst bucket woman who wanted to fuck Robert Pattinson (or, wait, maybe we are) but whatever the case, we can all agree that Jamie Dornan is one tall ass drink of jizz, and as of today his nude scenes from Fifty Shades: Freed have hit the web!

The Fifty Shades saga follows Dornan's Christian Grey - a man who can't climax without punching woman. Dakota Johnson's Anastasia Beaverhausen can take a punch, so the two are basically a match made in Heaven. In the third installment of the franchise, Fifty Shades: Freed, the two have worked out their differences and are enjoying marital bliss. But will the dark secrets of their pasts or something derail their slap-ily ever after? Who knows!

Maybe I should get a job writing movie synopsis since I'm obviously great at it. Now we know that Freed attendees were most likely doing a fair amount of leaking in theaters, because the Dornan nude scenes are pretty damn great! The 1/4th cock peek from the first movie isn't back, but we get some great shots of Dornan's delish dumper as he gets it on with Anastasia. Is your seed Freed after seeing these nude peeks? Let us know!



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