See The Love, Simon Cast In Their Previous Hottest Nude And Shirtless Roles

April 6, 2018 | Posted in gay by his_excellency

Is there anything hotter in this world than twenty-something high schoolers? I'll let my period stains following any viewing of a Riverdale episode answer that question! Love, Simon is a teen cinema sensation that takes the traditional John Hughes-esque high school coming of age tale and turns it on its head by introducing a gay main character. Because everything about Ferris Bueller was so wildly straight.

The adorable Nick Robinson plays Simon, who, after connecting with a gay classmate anonymously online, begins the process of embracing his homosensuality. Director Greg Berlanti ends the flick with a Never Been Kissed moment, but sadly Michael Vartan doesn't stick his tongue down Robinson's throat. Fail!

Robinson gives up his tits for about five seconds in Love, Simon, but besides that, the movie is uber PG. At least Bueller did that thing where he covered the camera to wash his junk in the shower. That... might have been the first time I literally exploded as a child. God I wanted to fuck him. MY POINT is that it's about damn time we uncover the previous nudity and shirtless peeks from the hot cast of Love, Simon, because lord knows the director wasn't helping a bitch out. Now get ready to have your own cum while you touch story. I mean, your own touching coming out story!

Nick Robinson in Being Charlie

Played Simon in Love, Simon


Jorge Lendeborg Jr. in The Land

Played Nick in Love, Simon

Joey Pollari in American Crime

Played Lyle in Love, Simon


Josh Duhamel in Spaceman

Played Jack in Love, Simon


Logan Miller in +1

Played Martin in Love, Simon

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