Cockyboys Tries to Bite Off the "Only Fans" Trend

April 5, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: "Fans Only! With Boomer Banks and Wesley Woods" - Cockyboys]

The Latest episode in Cockyboys' "Fans Only" (ugh) series features Boomer Banks and Wesley Woods in an alliterative, bareback flip flop fuck

^ Not only was that alliterative, it was also alphabetical. Please clap.

If you follow this blog, you probably follow gay porn. And if you follow gay porn, you're probably on social media and follow your favorite porn star somewhere. Which means that you've probably been inundated with OnlyFans content. If you haven't, lucky you. If you have, poor us.

Whether it be the current trend du jour, or becomes a lasting phenomenon that I have to write an editorial about, There's no denying the popularity of amateur porn content.

Cockyboys has decided to exploit this trend by naming its newest series "Fans Only!" and has used this to go bareback, just like used William Seed's bottoming debut to do it. Have us focus on one thing, so we forget the other.

First the two start off in the shower. Everyone likes a clean surface to work off of.

All of you should take showers before sex, ya nasties.

Wesley woods and boomer banks in the shower

A little shower frottage never hurt anyone.

From Cockyboys:

Boomer Banks takes Wesley Woods in his latest intimate & condomless BoomBoxxx offering for CockyBoys Fans Only (CBFO) series. They begin in the shower consuming each other with deep, passionate kisses as Boomer asserts his power and putting Wesley to his knees. Wesley sucks every inch of Boomer, gets an approving dose of his spit and buries his mouth and tongue in his slick crack.

After wasting only the slightest bit of time with oral, the two move on to some doggy. And raw doggy at that!

boomer banks fucking wesley woods

Is Wesley enjoying it, or does it hurt?

Then Boomer gives it to Wesley in this pointless position.

Am I crazy? Is this one of those things that only looks good in porn? Does this feel good? Also, where is the lube? RIP Wesley's hole.

wesley woods getting fucked

What do we call this position? Sideways missionary?

Once he's had enough, Wesley lets Boomer hop on his cock!

boomer banks riding wesley

Boomer can take it as well as he can give it.

They don't stop until Boomer's beard is rife with cum.

boomer banks cum facial

a job well done. Mission(ary)? accomplished.

Then the two guys finish where they started: In the shower.

All of you should take showers after sex, ya nasties.

boomer banks and wesley woods kissing

they'll be dirty again in no time!


So if you think about it, this is rule 43, but for amateur porn that features porn stars. We did it.

Do you prefer Boomer on the top or the bottom?


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