DELICIOUS Matt Lloyd Goes Full Frontal On Here And Now

April 2, 2018 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


We've already checked out the HBO series Here and Now twice  - once for the blessed Trent Garrett crabs ball tugging and once for some hot and heavy dick to anus action - but today's scene might just trump those two! And considering I went on and on like a psychopath about Garrett's reaction to having an STD, you can bet that's saying something. You know me and STDs. All of them in my mouth now. JK.

Smoking hot actor Matt Lloyd looks like the kind of guy you would come across naked on a bale of hay in a Paul Freeman photo shoot, and turns out hunty, not only does Lloyd have the looks of a Freeman model, but he also has the literally zero articles of clothing on his body! On the most recent episode of Here and Now titled "Yes," Lloyd walks into the shot completely nude as his boy lover chats it up with Tim Robbins in the doorway. Bull Durham? More like Drool and Sperm! Rite ladies. Rite ladies.

The hairy, hung, ripped, and all around gorgeous Lloyd still seems to be building up his IMDB profile and, and while Instagram is home to a surprising number of sexy men named Matt Lloyd, our Lloyd's profile doesn't seem to be rising to the top, so hopefully this nude scene is the beginning of great things for this fucking stud!


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