Can You Say The Names Of's Latest Scenes Five Times Fast?

March 23, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

We've got "Penis Power" and "Tasty Tushy". Not Only That, But Peter Pounder Is One Of The Stars.

Maybe this is the new trend! Maybe all of the "Open relationships" movies (three in the last month) are over, and we explore this new trend, where no one can pronounce any of the models names or any of the scenes. Alliteration is sexy, right?

Penis Problems With Damien Pierce and Cliff Jensen




Damien is in serious heat and needs some cock quick! Cliff gives him a helping hand or dick rather.

Cliff Jensen catches Damien jacking off...

But then Cliff decides he's a good person and lends a helping hand!

Er...dick. though to be fair, his hand can't even fit around that cock.

All I want to know is where they found this awkward-looking Damien Pierce. Is it from the alliterative land that they found awkward porn model Daniel Duress?

Remember the Most awkward porn scene of 2016, with Dolf Dietrich and Daniel Duress?

I know it's 2018 and everyone can do porn these days, but come on.

[WATCH: Bottom Power - Men Over 30]

Tasty Tushy With Peter Pounder and Mick Stallone

Peter Pounder is far less easy to say than Damien Pierce, but far easier to look at my goodness.  




Mick Stallone enjoys a nice Peter Pounder ass feast.

Sometimes you really DO need to feast on some twink ass, as Mick is showing us.

In addition to feasting on it, sometimes you ALSO need to play with it, and fuck it in multiple positions too!

Which scene do you prefer? Peter Pounder and Mick Stallone, or Cliff Jensen and Damien Pierce?


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